Pre-RWTH journal publications

Mode matching interface for efficient coupling of light into planar photonic crystals

Abstract: In order to integrate superdispersive elements based on photonic crystals, such as the superprism, with conventional integrated optics, insertion losses at the interface to the photonic crystal need to be reduced to an acceptable level. We describe a mode

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Photonic crystal waveguide-mode orthogonality conditions and computation of intrinsic waveguide losses

Abstract: We simulate the propagation of light in a W1 planar photonic crystal waveguide with the three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method and apply an inner product against previously calculated mode profiles to the simulated field cross sections. We show that this

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Efficient excitation of self-collimated beams and single Bloch modes in planar photonic crystals

Abstract: Using finite-difference time-domain calculations, we investigate out-of-plane coupling between a square-lattice planar photonic crystal and a conventional waveguide located above the photonic crystal. We couple a waveguide oriented in the ΓX direction to a photonic crystal mode in the

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Self-collimation in planar photonic crystals

Abstract: We analyze, in three dimensions, the dispersion properties of dielectric slabs perforated with two-dimensional photonic crystals (PCs) of square symmetry. The band diagrams are calculated for all k-vectors in the first Brillouin zone, and not only along the characteristic

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