Ms. Bahareh Marzban

Doctoral Scientist

Email: fmarzban”at”

Phone: +49 241 20049

Bahareh Marzban is a PhD student at the Chair of Integrated Photonics Laboratory (IPH) in the field of Laser design for PICs using group V materials (GeSn/SiGeSn).

From 2006 to 2010 she studied Electrical Engineering at the Shiraz University, with focus on electronics, in which she did a six-month internship in Fars Scout Industrial Co, Shiraz Iran. After this she moved to Germany (2011) and completed a MSc degree in Communications Engineering at RWTH Aachen.

During this period, she worked and wrote her master thesis in IPH (2012-2013). Her master thesis was the analysis and simulation of edge couplers for pick and place hybrid integration of III-V lasers. After this she joined Innolume GmbH (2013), where she did another six-month internship, and worked on the design of vertical coupled grating couplers for VCSEL.

In April 2014 she returned to the Chair of Integrated Photonics Laboratory to start her PhD studies.

Her field of interest include:

  • Integrated Silicon Photonics
  • Semiconductor Laser Design
  • Nanoscale Electronics and Photonics.
  • Simulation of Photonics Structures
  • Electronic Circuit Design