Introduction to the Integrated Photonics Laboratory

Steady progress during half a century of development in Silicon integrated circuits has resulted in fabrication techniques that allow the large scale fabrication of billions of transistors in a single chip and their miniaturization to deep submicron dimensions. The realization of photonic components and systems in Silicon allows leveraging these extraordinary fabrication capabilities to realize complex integrated optical systems at the chip scale.

At the integrated photonics laboratory we are working on the development of Silicon Photonics devices and systems with activities ranging from core device development to system integration, with applications in communications, biosensing and instrumentation.

The high index contrast between silicon and silicon dioxide enables the realization of extremely small optical devices as well as the realization of densely integrated optical systems. The images below show arrays of Silicon Photonics ring modulators with device diameters of 20 micrometers, as well as a Silicon Photonics chip tested in one of our test stations with optical connectivity realized with a fiber array.

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Silicon Photonics Ring Modulator Array

Array of Ring Based Silicon Photonics Electro-Optic Modulators


Tested Silicon Photonics Chip

Silicon Photonics Chip tested in Electro-Optic Probe Station