Self-alignment for apparatus comprising photonic device







An apparatus (1), comprising a photonic device (100, 300) with at least a first waveguide (100a, 300a) having a light-conducting core (101, 301) bounded by at least one cladding layer (102, 103, 104, 302, 303), further comprising at least a second waveguide (200a, 400a) having a light-conducting core (201) bounded by at least one cladding layer (202, 203, 204, 402, 403), wherein the first waveguide (100a) is aligned to couple with the second waveguide (200a), wherein alignment of the first waveguide (100a) with the second waveguide (200a) with respect to at least one axis C coincides with at least one stop area (121, 321) of the photonic device (100) resting on a stop surface (221, 421) of a corresponding support structure (223, 423) on a substrate (200, 400), whereinthe stop area (121) is a stop in a recess(123) from a surface (120) of the photonic device (100). A method to fabricate an apparatus (1)according to the invention, wherein the recess (123) is formed by etching (111) of the photonic device (100), and/or the support structure (223) is formed by etching (211, 212) of the substrate (200), wherein the etching process (111, 211, 212) is selective with respect to at least one interface between two materials in the photonic device (100) and/or in the substrate (200).