High-Speed Near Infrared Optical Receivers Based on Ge Waveguide Photodetectors Integrated in a CMOS Process

Silicon photonics: On-chip OPOs

3D rendering and frequency roll-off of a Germanium waveguide photodetector integrated in a CMOS process.

We discuss our approach to monolithic intergration of Ge photodectors with CMOS electronics for high-speed optical transceivers. Receivers based on Ge waveguide photodetectors achieve a sensitivity of −14.2 dBm (10−12 bit error rate (BER)) at 10 Gbps and 1550 nm.
G. Masini, S. Sahni, G. Capellini, J. Witzens and C. Gunn, High speed near infrared optical receivers based on Ge waveguide photodetectors integrated in a CMOS process, Advances in Optical Technologies, Article 196572 (2008).