Silicon Photonics based WDM Systems: Chip and Module Level Integration



The implementation of compact, dense WDM transceivers in Silicon Photonics (SiP), that are sufficiently cost and power efficient for Data Centre applications, is a notably challenging endeavour. Semiconductor Mode Locked Lasers (MLL) and Resonant Ring Modulators (RRM) have been proposed as key devices for an elegant and efficient transceiver architecture. In recent works, we have shown that single section passively mode-locked MLLs can generate adequate optical carriers for 14 Gbps and 25 Gbps serial communications with on-off keying modulation. A systematic analysis of the optical power budget of a solution comprising a MLL, an array of RRMs driven by hybridly integrated chip-scale electronics, and a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) has also been reported. At the 2017 European Conf. on Integrated Optics we will be reporting on recent progress towards integration of this transceiver architecture.