Optically Pumped GeSn Microdisk Lasers on Si




The strong correlation between advancing the performance of Si microelectronics and their demand of low power consumption requires new ways of data communication. Photonic circuits on Si are already highly developed except for an eligible on-chip laser source integrated monolithically. The recent demonstration of an optically pumped waveguide laser made from the Si-congruent GeSn alloy, monolithical laser integration has taken a big step forward on the way to an all-inclusive nanophotonic platform in CMOS. We present group IV microdisk lasers with significant improvements in lasing temperature and lasing threshold compared to the previously reported non undercut Fabry− Perot type lasers. Lasing is observed up to 130 K with optical excitation density threshold of 220 kW/cm2  at 50 K. Additionally the infl uence of strain relaxation on the band structure of undercut resonators is discussed and allows the proof of laser emission for a just direct Ge0.915 Sn0.085  alloy where Γ  and L valleys have the same energies. Moreover, the observed cavity modes are identifi ed and modeled.