Direct Bandgap GeSn Alloys for Laser Application


Efforts towards monolithically integrated Si-compatible lasers have been revitalized since the demonstration of optically pumped GeSn lasers. Here we investigate laser emission of GeSn alloys by means of waveguide and microdisk photoluminescence.


D. Buca, S. Wirths, D. Stange, C. Schulte-Brauks, N. von den Drisch, R. Geiger, B. Marzban, J. M. Hartmann, Z. Ikonic, S. Mantl, J. Witzens, H. Sigg, D. Grützmacher, “Direct Bandgap GeSn Alloys for Laser Application,” Proc. Adv. Photon. 2015, OSA Tech. Dig., Paper IM4B.1 (2015).