Silicon photonics plasma-modulators with advanced transmission line design



We have investigated two novel concepts for the design of transmission lines in travelling wave Mach-Zehnder interferometer based
Silicon Photonics depletion modulators overcoming the analog bandwidth limitations arising from cross-talk between signal lines in push-pull modulators and reducing the linear losses of the transmission lines. We experimentally validate the concepts and demonstrate an E/O −3 dBe
bandwidth of 16 GHz with a 4V drive voltage (in dual drive configuration) and 8.8 dB on-chip insertion losses. Significant bandwidth improvements result from suppression of cross-talk. An additional bandwidth enhancement of ~11% results from a reduction of resistive transmission line losses. Frequency dependent loss models for loaded transmission lines and E/O bandwidth modeling are fully verified.

Florian Merget, Saeed Sharif Azadeh, Juliana Mueller, Bin Shen, Maziar P. Nezhad, Johannes Hauck, and Jeremy Witzens, “Silicon photonics plasma-modulators with advanced transmission line design,” Opt. Express 21, 19593-19607 (2013)