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8-channel 448 Gbit/s Silicon Photonic Transmitter Enabled by Photonic Wire Bonding

  Abstract:   We demonstrate an eight-channel hybrid multi-chip module comprising InP lasers, silicon pho-tonic modulators, and parallel single-mode fibers, all connected via photonic wire bonds. We transmit 28 GBd PAM-4 signals at a total data rate of 448 Gbit/s

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Photonic integrated circuits for multi-color laser engines

  Abstract: Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) will change the fundamental paradigms for the design of multi-color laser engines for life sciences. Exemplified with flow cytometry (FCM), integrated optical technology for visible wavelengths will be shown to open a new spectrum of possibilities

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Passively Biased Resonantly Enhanced Silicon Photonics Modulator with High Optical Bandwidth

  Abstract:  Ring resonator modulators reach high modulation efficiencies, are very compact and can be electrically driven as lumped elements. However, their limited optical bandwidth requires temperature stabilization, limiting their power efficiency. A novel ring assisted Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) aggressively reduces power

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