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Hybrid Silicon Photonics Flip-Chip Laser Integration with Vertical Self-Alignment

  Abstract: In this work, we have developed a flip-chip integration process in which the vertical alignment is also guaranteed by a mechanical contact between pedestals defined in a recess etched into the SiP chip and a laser or Semiconductor

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Silicon Photonics based WDM Systems: Chip and Module Level Integration

  Abstract: The implementation of compact, dense WDM transceivers in Silicon Photonics (SiP), that are sufficiently cost and power efficient for Data Centre applications, is a notably challenging endeavour. Semiconductor Mode Locked Lasers (MLL) and Resonant Ring Modulators (RRM) have

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GeSn Lasers for CMOS Integration

  Abstract:  In search of a suitable CMOS compatible light source many routes and materials are under investigation. Si-based group IV (Si)GeSn alloys offer a tunable bandgap from indirect to direct, making them ideal candidates for on-chip photonics and nano-electronics. An overview of recent

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