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High Speed Resonantly Enhanced Silicon Photonics Modulator with Large Operating Temperature Range

  Abstract: We present a novel resonant Mach–Zehnder modulator whose arms are each loaded with five identical resonators. Size and power consumption are aggressively reduced com- pared to conventional modulators based on linear phase shifters. At the same time, a

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CO2 laser micromachining of nanocrystalline diamond films grown on doped silicon substrates

  Abstract: We demonstrate that nanocrystalline diamond films grown on highly doped silicon substrates can be patterned using a CO2 laser operating at a wavelength of 10.6 μm, where both low doped silicon and diamond exhibit negligible optical absorption. The

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Stabilization and frequency control of a DFB laser with tunable optical reflector integrated in a Silicon Photonics PIC

  Abstract: We investigate the effect of tunable filtered optical feedback on a commercial DFB laser edge coupled to a silicon pho- tonic planar integrated circuit in which a tunable reflector has been implemented by means of a ring resonator-based

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WDM Transceiver with Semiconductor Mode-Locked Laser

  Abstract: We demonstrate a Silicon Photonics transmitter/receiver pair wire bonded to chip-scale electronics and operated with a single section semiconductor mode locked laser. The compact WDM system supports twelve independent error free (BER<1e-12) 14 Gbps channels without error correction,

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Time Resolved Electro-Optic Measurements in Strained Silicon Racetrack Resonators

  Abstract: In this paper, we report on time resolved electro-optic measurements in strained silicon resonators. Strain is induced by applying a mechanical deformation to the device. It is demonstrated that the linear electro-optic effect vanishes when the applied voltage

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The Institute of Integrated Photonics of the RWTH Aachen joins ePIXfab

The Institute of Integrated Photonics of the RWTH Aachen joins ePIXfab (link).

Integrated Photonics for High Speed Optical Interconnects and Biosensing Applications

Summary: Intensive research efforts and investments from both academia and industry have resulted, during the last decade, in rapid progress of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) based on Silicon technology (“Silicon Photonics”). As key benefits, this technology enables the integration of

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