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Silicon Photonics WDM Transceiver with SOA and Semiconductor Mode-Locked Laser

Abstract: We demonstrate a complete Silicon Photonics WDM link relying on a single section semiconductor mode-locked laser and a single SOA to support up to 12 multiplexed channels with a bit error rate of 1e-12 at serial data rates of 14 Gbps without channel

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Effect of Electrical Filtering on Level Dependent ASE Noise

Abstract: We derive an analytical model describing the effect of filtering on amplified spontaneous emission noise during or after opto-electronic conversion. In particular, we show that electrical filtering results in a further reduction of the signal quality factor associated with an effective

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Packaged MZIs passively balanced by means of Multimode Grating Couplers

Abstract: We present a novel Mach-Zehnder Interferometer configuration that can be passively balanced by adjusting the position of the input fiber over a multimode input coupler, thus correcting phase deviations typically arising from fabrication asymmetries. Characterization after permanent fiber array

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