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“Light: Waves, Minuscule Particles and Long Messages”: Lecture by Dr. Florian Merget at the Children’s University

Dr. Florian Merget lectures “Light: Waves, Minuscule Particles and Long Messages” at the “Children’s University” day of the RWTH Aachen. See the press releases of the local newspaper here: Phänomen Licht: Wellen, winzige Teilchen und lange Botschaften Wissenschaftler Florian Merget:

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Prof. J. Witzens and Dr. Florian Merget join the expert group on Semiconductor Fabrication Technology of the VDI/VDE-GMM.

J. Witzens gives the invited talk “Hybrid Integration of Laser Diodes with Alignment Tolerant Couplers” at the workshop on Silicon Photonics Light Sources at ECOC 2014.

The paper “Optical Peaking Enhancement in High-Speed Ring Modulators” published in Scientific Reports (2014).

J. Witzens presents “Peaking in ring modulators and application to ISI reduction” at the IEEE conference on Group IV Photonics (2014).

“Advances in Silicon Photonics Segmented Electrode Mach-Zehnder Modulators and Peaking Enhanced Resonant Devices” published in the proceeding of the SPIE (Vol. 9288, Art. 928817, 2014).

S. Romero-García presents “Misalignment tolerant couplers for hybrid integration of semiconductor lasers with silicon photonics parallel transmitters” at the Photonics Europe Conference (2014).

J. Witzens presents the invited talk “Silicon Photonics Modulators and Transmitters” at the Sino-German Joint Symposium on Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (SODC) at Frankfurt-an-der-Oder (2014).

J. Witzens presents the invited talk “Misalignment tolerant edge couplers for hybrid laser integration” at the Photonics North Conference in Montreal (2014).

J. Witzens gives a presentation on “Hybrid Laser Integration & Peaking in Silicon Photonics Resonant Devices” at the Festkolloquium des Zentrum für Innovationskompetenz ZIK SiLi-Nano at the German National Academy of Sciences (2014).