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Electronic and Optical Measurement Technologies (Summer Semesters)

The fundamental principles and the functionalities and non-idealities of essential electronic building blocks for the measurement of electrical quantities will be explained, as well as their application to the measurement of ultra-small and ultra-fast signals illustrated with concrete systems. Optical

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Optical Telecommunications 2: Systems (Summer Semesters)

Syllabus of the lecture – Optical Telecommunications 2: Systems 1. Transceiver Architectures Block-diagrams of transmitters and receivers, direct laser modulation and external modulation, offset compensation, clock data recovery, transimpedance amplifiers, limiting amplifiers. 2. Fundamentals of Signal Analysis Eye diagrams, signal

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Optical Telecommunications 1: Devices (Winter Semesters)

Syllabus of the lecture – Optical Telecommunications 1: Devices 1.       Introduction to Guided Wave Optics and Optical Communications Systems Glass fiber technologies, Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) technologies, optical modes, waveguide dispersion, introduction to single-mode and multimode optics,

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