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The Institute of Integrated Photonics of the RWTH Aachen joins ePIXfab

The Institute of Integrated Photonics of the RWTH Aachen joins ePIXfab (link).

Dr. Sebastian Romero Garcia receives appointment as Associate Editor of the de Gruyter Journal “Open Engineering”

Link to journal website.

Mr. Sebastian Romero Garcia receives his Ph.D. with commendations from the jury (Auszeichnung)

Link to thesis.

Jeremy Witzens named General Chair of the 2017 IEEE Conference on Group IV Photonics

Link to the conference website.  

9th Sino-German Joint Symposium on Opto- and Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (SODC 2016) co-chaired by Prof. Jeremy Witzens and Prof. Hong-Bo Sun (Jilin University)

Link to conference program.

Jeremy Witzens co-chairs ECOC Workshop “Next Generation Ultra-Broadband Silicon Photonics Based Integrated Circuits”

Link to Workshop Program.

Project BIG PIPES coordinated by the IPH joins the OpenOptics MSA.

Link to the OpenOptics MSA website.

Jeremy Witzens joins the Editorial Board of NPG journal “Scientific Reports”

Link to the journal website.

“Light: Waves, Minuscule Particles and Long Messages”: Lecture by Dr. Florian Merget at the Children’s University

Dr. Florian Merget lectures “Light: Waves, Minuscule Particles and Long Messages” at the “Children’s University” day of the RWTH Aachen. See the press releases of the local newspaper here: Phänomen Licht: Wellen, winzige Teilchen und lange Botschaften Wissenschaftler Florian Merget:

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Prof. J. Witzens and Dr. Florian Merget join the expert group on Semiconductor Fabrication Technology of the VDI/VDE-GMM.