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Mr. Alireza Tabatabaei Mashayekh

  Master Student Email : He has been master student in Automation and control systems Engineering from Politechnico di Milano from 2014. He has joined to IPH from Oct 2016 as exchange student to perform master thesis on design and

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Mr. Julio Cesar Hernández

Master Student Email: jhernandez”at” Julio Hernández received the B.Sc. degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Andres Bello Catholic University (Venezuela) in 2012. From 2012 until 2015 he was working as Operations Specialist at Digitel Corporation (Venezuela) in the Access Transmission Department.

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Time Resolved Electro-Optic Measurements in Strained Silicon Racetrack Resonators

  Abstract: In this paper, we report on time resolved electro-optic measurements in strained silicon resonators. Strain is induced by applying a mechanical deformation to the device. It is demonstrated that the linear electro-optic effect vanishes when the applied voltage

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The Institute of Integrated Photonics of the RWTH Aachen joins ePIXfab

The Institute of Integrated Photonics of the RWTH Aachen joins ePIXfab (link).

Dr. Sebastian Romero Garcia receives appointment as Associate Editor of the de Gruyter Journal “Open Engineering”

Link to journal website.

Ms. Elmira Islamova

Master Student Email: eislamova”at” Elmira Islamova was a Master student at RWTH Aachen University, as a part of “Communications Engineering” master program. She has joined the Integrated Photonics Laboratory as a Hi-Wi student in October 2014. She did her Master thesis that includes

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J. Witzens presents “Silicon Photonics in Optical Communications and Biosensing” at the International Workshop on Emerging Photonic Technologies for Access/Metro Networks at the CNRS headquarters

Dr. Alvaro Moscoso Mártir

Staff Scientist Dr. Alvaro Moscoso Mártir Email: amartir”at” Phone: +49 241 80 20030 Alvaro Moscoso Mártir (A. Moscoso-Mártir) received the MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from Málaga University (Spain) in 2008 and the PhD in Microwave Engineering from Málaga University in

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Ms. Juliana Müller

Doctoral Scientis Email: jmueller”at” Juliana Müller is currently a PhD student at IPH which she joined for her master thesis in 2013. Her field of research is Silicon Photonics WDM transceivers based on ring resonators. She received both her bachelor’s

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4th semester lab class for electrical engineering students (Summer Semesters)

Description: The fourth semester lab class gives undergraduate students to implement a complete project under the guidance of scientific staff of the Integrated Photonics Laboratory. In the following we are giving some examples of past projects: 1- Analog/Digital visible optical link

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